Beautiful Cuttlefish Robot Swims in any Direction

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Engineering students from Switzerland have created a fish robot that mimics a cuttlefish. It has undulating fins that allow it to move forward and backward, turn in place, or hover. It’s very quiet and can swim through sea grass without tangling propellers like other robotic fish.

Cuttlefish Duo

 Technical details: Each of the four fins contains nine rays with a 270-degree range of motion and its own servo motor. The fins join onto a central body with a mechanical swim bladder, allowing the robot to adjust its buoyancy and maintain a given depth. Sepios will include a live-streaming video camera, a water pressure/depth sensor, laser distance-measuring hardware, and a bundled accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. The robot tips the scales at 50 lb.

Watch this beautiful creature swim through the water:

For more information go on over to Gizmag and Sepios.
Image: Anthony Pearson


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