Bomb-Sniffing Robot Joins Airport Security Squad

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Meet Telemax, the intelligent bomb-sniffing robot. The Sea-Tac airport in Washington recently purchased one of these vehicles and was eager to show it off.

The machine is great at climbing stairs onto a plane, reaching up to retrieve something from an overhead bin, or reaching under a vehicle to grab a suspicious item. It’s designed to be compact and squeeze into limited space on an airplane. Then it can unfold and stretch tall. It can also sprint quickly across an airport. Telemax has four cameras and a microphone, and operates with automated button controls and a joystick.

Telemax EOD

Telemax EOD

Telemax is built by Cobham in the UK and costs about $300,000.

Watch Telemax move through the airport:

You can get more information about Telemax at Cobham.



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