Does the K5 Security Robot Remind You of a Dalek?

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Why yes, the K5 does remind us of a smooth version of a Dalek! And just what are Daleks some of you may ask – because you were not around in the 60’s . . . They are members of an alien race in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. They are cyborgs, created by a scientist when he integrated his race into robotic mechanical shells. They actually look a bit like giant sized pepper shakers! Their favorite line? “Exterminate!”


We reviewed the K5 Security Robot last month when a few of them showed up at a Microsoft event. They’ve generated quite a bit of attention. Here are some of the comments we think are great:

“I would be robot tilting!”
“Dead or alive you're coming with me!”
“It looks like a Dalek and R2D2 had a baby!”
“Ok with me if they replace my police department.”
“It’s hard to feel threatened by these things when they can’t (yet) navigate the STAIRS…!”
“I no longer trust Microsoft. Apple needs to develop K9.”
“The end has begun you guys. This is just the beginning.”
“It’s all well and good — UNTIL THEY START ARMING THEMSELVES!”

See more about the K5 Security Robot here. Read more comical Dalek rumblings at the Nerdist.


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