Honda’s Newest ASIMO is Almost Human

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Want a robot to cook your dinner, clean your house or do your homework? Keep your eye on Honda’s Asimo – the robot that looks like a “kid wearing a spacesuit”!  Asimo stands for “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility”, and is a project that Honda has been working on for nearly 30 years.


Asimo is 4 feet 3 in tall and 115 pounds. The latest edition now features five dexterous fingers on each hand that it can use for many tasks, including communicating in American and Japanese sign language. It can run briskly at 6mph, climb stairs with ease, dance like Travolta, kick a ball, and jump up and down with much enthusiasm. ASIMO Serving 2x1

As for fixing dinner – ASIMO can pick up a sealed container filled with orange juice, unscrew the top, pick up a paper cup with its other hand, pour the juice and carefully set both cup and container back on the table. Honda created this robot with the aim of one day helping people with daily tasks in the home. They’re getting closer.

Watch the newest Asimo showoff below . . .

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