Megabots – Next Billion Dollar Sports League?

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Your dream of watching or piloting giant mech robots with missile launchers may soon be a reality! MegaBot I premiered at the New York Comic Con; and will ultimately be a 15 foot, 7 ton beast ready for combat! Its creators are three engineers working in Massachusetts on a mission to usher in the next generation of major sports leagues – Robot SmackDowns.


Megabots3 SMMegabots3 SM

This will be competition where these colossal bots fight to the death. Each robot is equipped with six-inch cannons inside its arms that fire paint-filled missiles and cannon balls at 120 miles per hour. Good aim can cause enough damage to jam its opponent's weapons system or shoot off a limb. In the arena will also be other vehicles and obstacles creating a battle environment only seen in video games and movies.

Megabots3 SM

Part Robot Combat League, part blockbuster movie “Real Steel” come to life, MegaBots is launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of 2 giant robots and a deathmatch tournament. See more at Business Insider. . .

Image: Megabots, Inc.


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