Octopus Robot Swims Faster Than Ever with Webbed Arms

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This small octopus is amazing. It swims with flexible arms and a new silicone web at up to 180 mm/sec (7 in/sec). The Greek scientists have done a lot of research on the movement of the 8 arms, focusing on the sculling gait (when all eight arms move in synchrony). A pump jet motor serves as the octopus' primary method of propulsion.


The video shows the difference between the robotic octopus (roboctopus or octobot?) swimming with just flexible arms, then swimming using flexible arms with the new web. It also shows the robot crawling, carrying a yellow ball, then swimming happily out to sea in the Agean.  It’s very relaxing and realistic. The researchers noted that small fish can be seen happily following the octopus around. With a camera on board this may be a great platform to observe ocean life without disturbing it too much.  See more fun facts about the robotic octopus at IEEE Spectrum

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