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Have a Drink . . . Robot Bartenders?

Where can you find robot bartenders to pour your drinks? Try the most high tech cruise liner ever built, Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas. The Bionic Bar has a pair of robotic arms capable of mixing two drinks per minute or 1,000 per day. They can muddle, stir, shake, and strain, and are preloaded...


Throwbot by ReconRobotics

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ReconRobotics “throwable” robots serve as your “man on the inside” of dangerous situations that can save lives and reduce property damage. They are small and lightweight, quickly deployable, extremely durable, and capable...


Tradinno Dragon Robot


Tradinno is a giant motorized fire-breathing entertainment dragon built in Germany in 2010. It is featured in the 2014 Guiness records as the world’s largest walking robot. It measures a...