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We love RoboGames, known as the Olympics for Robots. Anyone can compete, from anywhere in the world, in over 50 different robot competitions –  from soccer, sumo fighting, and kung-fu to weight lifting, bowling and bartending. The most enthusiastic crowds come for the Combat competition. For 3 minutes almost anything goes – spinners, flippers, sparks, flame throwers and pure mayhem!


RoboGames is nearing the end of a Kickstarter campaign to produce a new professional video sports series with Battling Robots. “All the thrill of a boxing match, all the explosions of a NASCAR crash!” Their goal is to reach out and inspire a new generation of inventors. More and more schools are using the construction of robots in their courses to teach mechanical design and technology – why not bring major enthusiasm and carnage to their projects? (For those that shy away from combat violence, there are many non-combat events in RoboGames.)

Check out the KickStarter now – it ends on Friday, November 7. (And don't miss the next RoboGames in California in April.)

Here is some wild, entertaining combat action:

Here are some of the bigger bots in action (major flame throwing at the 3 min mark):

Image: Dave Schumacher


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