SkyCruiser – The Ultimate All-In-One Transformer Vehicle

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Another fantastic flying car! Meet SkyCruiser – the ultimate all-in-one “hybrid” vehicle that drives like a car, flies through the air, but takes off and lands like a helicopter. This baby will have 5 seats and won’t need a long runway. Smooth, quiet, convenient; put my name on the waiting list please!


SkyCruiser takes off quietly like a quadcopter using a 320-hoursepower electric motor. Once it reaches flying altitude, the 4 rotors disengage and the rear-mounted propellers take over. It can reach speeds up to 313 mph and fly about 1,000 miles before refueling.


Like the AeroMobile, these Transformer cars can travel directly from home to destination, instead of the tedious waiting around at airports and dealing with rental cars. We’ll be watching Arizona-based Krossblade Aerospace Systems closely as they develop the prototype drone version named SkyProwler.  You can go on over to Krossblade for more information.

Watch how awesome it will be:


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