Tradinno Dragon Robot

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Tradinno is a giant motorized fire-breathing entertainment dragon built in Germany in 2010. It is featured in the 2014 Guiness records as the world’s largest walking robot. It measures a mammoth 15 feet in height and 51 feet long and tips the scales at 11 tons. The dragon’s 40 feet wing span and gigantic tail are imposing. I’m pretty sure this robot would scare the pants off of DARPA’s Atlas robot!

Tradinno Dragon1

With radio remote-control Tradinno can walk, flap its leathery looking wings, and send fire from its mouth and nostrils. Amazingly it can round corners and move sideways with 7 degrees of freedom built in each leg. The showbot's 238 sensors enable stability and safety as it performs in the oldest German folk play Drachenstich.



  • Set the Guinness record (2014) for the world’s largest walking robot
  • Built as an entertainment dragon in Germany in 2010 by Zollner Elektronik AG
  • Named Tradinno for a mix of Tradition and innovation
  • Measures 15 feet tall, 51 feet long, 40 foot wingspan and weighs 11 tons
  • Works with radio remote-control to walk, flap its wings and breathe out fire
  • Has 238 sensors for stability and safety
  • Can carry 80 liters of purplish stage blood in its veins
  • Carries 11 kg of liquid gas that enable it to spit fire to over five feet

Source:  Zollner


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