Two Outstanding Violin Playing Robots

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Ro-Bow is a mechanical masterpiece! The bow, violin, and mechanical fingers are all moved by electronic actuators (motors) that are controlled by complex software. The designer, Seth Goldstein, is a retired biomedical engineer who loves making robo-creations. A few years ago he created a knot-tying machine that could tie and untie a necktie. Amazing!

The music starts as a midi file generated by playing a song on an electronic keyboard. The software takes the note data and converts it into voltages that control the actuators. This enables the violin to duplicate the tune that was played on the keyboard. So far Ro-Bow can play an Irish jig, “Hello, Dolly,” “Amazing Grace” and Bach’s “Minuet in G Major.”

Violin RoBow ANI SM

Watch Ro-Bow play and see a “covers-off” explanation of how it works.

Now watch Toyota’s Partner robot play and appreciate the engineering needed for this.

You can learn more at Gizmodo, and the NY Times.



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