Very, Very Old Humanoid Robots

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People have been dreaming of creating Robots to help them for a long time! They called them mechanical men or androids. The word “robot” officially entered into the English language in 1923 from a Czech term meaning “slave”. Here are examples from the 1800's of the earliest mechanical man and an android in a movie.



This steam-powered humanlike robot was designed in 1868 to pull a cart. It was said that “This has started the downfall of humans.”

For more “oldies” see the History of Humanoid Robots In Pictures from 1868-1970.








The earliest robot movie was L'Eve Futur (Tomorrow's Eve) created in 1896 from a classic French science fiction novel. A brilliant alchemist (modeled after Thomas Edison) creates an android woman Hadaly for his friend Lord Ewald.

For more early movies see Robots In Film.





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