Would you play Ping Pong with a Robot?

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It won't be long before humanoid Robots will be cleaning up at the ping pong table. For now, keeping an eye on the ball and maneuvering the paddle accurately are huge milestones. Unlike other stationary ping pong playing robot arms, coordinating human-like legs and feet create other giant challenges.

“Other stationary robot arms are installed on foundation beds. They have a stable system, while ours are based on humanoid feet, which are unstable, when the arms are moving fast, robots could either fall or function inaccurately.

Thus what we need to solve is balancing of not only the whole body but also the 30 joints all over. At the same time there are only six to seven degree of freedom on robot arms, much less than ours. To sum up, we are facing more challenges on balancing and real-time control.”

Have fun watching King Robot (5'2″ tall, 121 lbs), created by Zhejiang University in China, play the game . . .

Here are two Chinese Robots playing Ping Pong together . . .


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