5 Terrifying Google Robots

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Google purchased robot maker Boston Dynamics in December 2013. The company specializes in autonomous animal-like robots like:

Big Dog, the Robotic Mule that runs in snow and water and can carry a 340 pound load

Cheetah (now WildCat), that can run over 28 miles per hour, faster than Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt

RHex, the all-terrain robot with six legs that can navigate rocky, muddy and uneven terrain, and climb slopes and railroad tracks

Atlas, a 6’2” 330 pound humanoid robot that “sees” with stereo cameras and a laser range finder

Petman, the soldier robot that simulates human physiology and tests chemical protection clothing

(Also SandFlea that can leap 30 feet into the air and land on a building's rooftop)

Bloomberg takes a look at five of the most terrifying creations designed by Boston Dynamics in this video…


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