Angry Birds Disguised as Robots!

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Remember when Angry Birds was a simple game flinging birds at pigs? Well ditch the sling-shots and get ready for Angry Birds Transformers – where Optimus Prime Bird and other Transformer birds run across the terrain firing at the Deceptihogs and Megatron. Don’t worry about the sling-shots, you still get to knock down the pig’s towers. We are pleasantly surprised to see the game is based on the 80’s Transformer cartoon and not the movie franchise. A bit of nostalgia for old school Transformer fans. See what you think in this trailer . . . For you serious gamers, here is a game-play trailer . . . Angry Birds Transformers will soft launch in the New Zealand app store Oct 1. It's coming to the rest of the world on Oct. 15 on iOS and Oct. 30 on Google Play for Android.  See more about the game here.


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