Autómata Movie Has Only 2 Laws for Robots

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The basic story of Autómata is a neat spin on Asimov's robot stories. In the near future, there's been a disaster and most of the human race has been wiped out. We've built robots to help ourselves rebuild, and instead of Asimov's three laws, we've given them just two laws: 1) They can't harm a human. 2) They can't repair or upgrade themselves.

The second directive is the most important of all — because if robots can upgrade themselves, they'll evolve incredibly quickly, and within weeks they'll surpass human intelligence. And then we'll be screwed, even if they still obey the first directive.


The movie begins when a human police officer finds a robot that's damaged, and it's repairing itself. Autómata opens today, October 10, 2014. Read more at i09 . . .


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