Avengers – More Mayhem and Madness in Trailer 2

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There are plenty of explosions, flipped cars and screaming humans in the new Avengers trailer. Hulk is completely out of control and the superheroes battle among themselves as they struggle with Ultron. We love over-analyzing these trailers, so after watching the video we’re sharing some of our favorite screen shots and comments.

“Ultron – in the flesh.”UltronX ANI

Who is this person (shown blown up on the right) disrobing in a cave?Woman1c

We welcome Scarlet Witch displaying her power!ScarletWitch2

Here we see some of the Hulk rage – aimed at a police vehicle.Ultron Hulk Rage

Hulk is looking good in this film!Ultron Hulk

Who is the woman behind Thor (blown up on the right)?Woman2c

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24 Comments to Avengers – More Mayhem and Madness in Trailer 2

  1. They hinted towards the infinity wars, a deadpool movie is in the making, as well as age of ultron. Just be happy they have so many great movies planned out

  2. I dunno if a toy can be a spoiler, batman and transformers release “movie toys” of stuff not related to the current one that was out. Sometimes they just try to sell things as exclusive variants etc.

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