Crazy Star Wars Droid Is A Real Robot-Not CGI

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So the crazy rolling-ball droid in the Star Wars 7 teaser is a real robot, not CGI. In the video it’s blurry, bouncing around and rolling very fast, so it doesn’t look real. Who knew? Go to the next page to see the robot's name, trading card and a description of Mark Hamill playing with the droid.

BB-8 ANi

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  1. Star Wars has all kinds of little droids running around like little rats. I don’t see the practical use of ball droid, but we haven’t seen the movie. Hopefully they don’t focus to much time on this guy.

    I like all the droids. I think one of the coolest droids in movies is Jinx… and he is a must bigger ball shaped droid.

    Yo Jinx!

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