HAL Robotic Suit Gives You Super Strength. Coming Soon to the U.S.?

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HAL, the “Hybrid Assistive Limb”, could be the solution to handicap, aging, hiking, and power lifting. Imagine having super strength!

How cool will it be to lift very heavy objects for long periods of time? And not hurt your back! See how this can help you on the next page . . .

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338 Comments to HAL Robotic Suit Gives You Super Strength. Coming Soon to the U.S.?

  1. This would be awesome to get. But judging from what I’ve heard and it needs FDA approval, it might be really limited to the public.

  2. Thomas Espinoza

    This type of exoskeleton would be excellent for disable individuals with weak lower extremities like my daughter. It would open up a whole new world for them. I’m hopeful. Please make this happen.

  3. This would be great for industrial heavy lifting but I wouldn’t say for law enforcement.. I don’t see the need for them to have super strength in their legs lol

  4. This will be put in place for those who are under the mark of the beast to control rebellious people, I see no other reason why this would be useful in the world, we gotta get ready for the $#%&!@* that’s about to come

  5. And now begins the era to end humanity. It starts with super soldiers then goes to large mech suits and soon enough the whole world is at war using $#%&!@*ing nuclear robots.

  6. I need to be custom fit for my Gundam fighting suit. I’ll let the government run tests on my combat skills, and general autonomic capacities once I’ve been given the training simulator access, and exclusive rights to pilot the first 5 prototypes, as well as the first 8 different production models.

  7. “Super kick!” Breaks your fragile bones. Unless theres a barier and some way to stop kinetic energy from transferring energy into your body. Shiz could probably cause stress to the heart in some way. Haha spacemen need to work out the absence of gravity takes a toll on what the human body was made to do.

  8. Drive a car 100 mph towards an enemy its sure to cause damage. Wear a seatbelt. Itd be cool to see a new strain of ufc with this science but… yeah itd probably emd up too brutal for the population. Ps…. modern warfare has nothing on destiny. Space suits. Haha yeah buddy

  9. Ha my little 11 year old brother was talking to me about these this morning asking me when or if they was real and how they worked. He’s an cod advanced warfare player lol

  10. Yea dude i seen some full body types like this too.. Wish sooo much right now theyd offer some $#%&!@* like this.. Hell ill do some “trial surgery” at this point for one of these as my actual skeleton

  11. Why? Because americans are lazy fat$#%&!@*es who need robot strength in order to sit up to answer the door for the food they ordered? Next McDonald’s will start having delivery

  12. These things originally come from military ingenuity anyway. Whatever you’re seeing now, they had a prototype of it or more, 20 years ago. Its great that its finally starting to become cost effective fro normal people to use now though.

  13. Unfortunately this one isn’t as kool as it sounds. It’s basic a shelf that you attach to your legs. It simply puts all the weight on the leg piece. Not really super strength. But good for moving furniture n junk I guess lol.

  14. Are you kidding me?! My friends, don’t let them dress this up as some “disability aid” “disaster clean-up tool” . This is is only the beginning in advanced weaponry, Soon to be militarized and used for the exact opposite of what they are claiming. What do humans do with power? This is only the beginning.

  15. You’ll have to give that arm and leg to afford it, essentially making it only available to law enforcement (like they need more strength) or “celebrity rich” people

  16. Ive seen these on anime. They left chips in them and when they activated it all those who wore those legs were forced to walk off cliffs or high areas by remote. o.O

  17. Republican response: All those damn illegals are sucking all the water dry. Democrat response: Global warming. Rational person response: Freak happenstance due to unusually dry seasons.

  18. I feel only police and military would be given this…this is the u.s. …we care more about being able to crush any one that thinks about $#%&!@*ing with us befor we care about the pple were protecting. I mean being able to defend ourselves is always good, but we should also take care of what were protecting. I just think it would be changed and weponized..

  19. This could help people who have disabilities or can’t function limbs correctly. Maybe wheelchairs could cease to exist because of these.

  20. This article is about 50% untrue, and 50% exaggerated claims. First off the robotic legs you see in the pics are no where near that stage of development. So it is not coming any time soon. And what they conveniently cropped out of the photos is the 200 ft of heavy duty cables hooked up to a contr mechanism that moves the robotic parts. These will come out when hover boards are available to the public

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