Hate Doing Laundry? PR2 is the Robot For You!

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You think you struggle to learn something new? UC Berkeley’s PR2 robot has been working for years to learn to do your laundry! It’s tedious for us to put our dirty clothes in the basket, take it to the laundry room, place the clothes in the washer, add soap, etc. PR2 has to learn to find the clothes, the basket, and the laundry room. A robot has to learn to open the washer and dryer doors, and turn the machines on. It’s a lot of work.

PR2 is getting closer!  Watch the robot do a great job of getting the laundry started.

Now go to the next page to see PR2 doing a terrific job of folding socks and towels. It’s pretty fun! We want him to come fold our laundry!

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