Honda’s Robotic Stool is Fun to Ride

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Honda was back at Japan’s CEATEC Tech Show demonstrating its updated personal transporter, the UNI-CUB Beta.

The new version still travels at 3.7 miles/hr and has a 3.7 mile range, but it’s shorter, lighter and a bit more stable and more comfortable. It uses the advanced balance technology developed on the Asimo robot.

Here are the UNI-CUB Beta and UNI-CUB side by side:

Honda unicub2

Honda’s been working on the project for over 5 years and the design has changed significantly. See video from 2009. Here's what the older U3 model looked like:

Honda U3 Stool

You can watch an amazing music video choreographed with hundreds of people on stools here.  As impressive as the UNI-CUB Beta is, there's still no launch date in sight as the company continues to explore potential target markets, as well as to make the product more affordable.

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  1. I’m in a wheelchair and cannot cook in my kitchen because the power wheelchair is too big for the quick turns needed to orchestrate cooking. I have destroyed my kitchen cabinets, refer, etc with it. My knees are shot, and I cannot stand now. I hate going in the kitchen. I tried the smallest power chair and it ruined my floor because it wouldn’t move me on the slick surface and scuffed it up.

    I would like the equivalent of a power sitting stool which I can move by body movements like the Uni-Cub if the seat was comfortable enough and the price was right.

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