Kuratas 4-Ton Driveable Mech Robot for Sale on Amazon!

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Okay, you can admit it. You would LOVE to own and pilot a Pacific Rim robot! Which one would you choose? So we were browsing around Amazon last month and found a Kuratas 13 foot 4-ton customizable robot on sale for Christmas! Please someone we know buy one so we can play with it! Go to the next page to see how you could own Kuratas.

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  1. nick sheldon

    I so would love to have one I grew up watching gundam and loads of other shows as well as video games but I was unable to find it on amazon kuratas has there own web site to order but I saw that like a 4 months ago

    • supercoolrobots

      You can find it on Amazon Japan – but it’s in Japanese and it’s very expensive . . .
      We’re hoping someone in the US will decide to build these.
      You can click the RocketNews24 link at the end of this post
      – then click on the Amazon Japan link at the end of that post to see Kuratas on Amazon.

  2. I would say modify it take out any manufactured factor parts and install a different hard drive to reprogram it remove any files already added to it then modify it to where it goes off voice commands and not an ai and you wouldn’t need to drive it install a good load of security too

  3. Doesn’t matter bc that’s when kuratus was unveiled so Bethesda had no way of knowing about it in the time that fallout 3 was being developed

  4. This (amongst a library of everything you didn’t know you wanted ) can be found on
    Enjoy, and you’re welcome. Also, I apologize…

  5. Looks stupid & not much art on armor. Hell a kid can make a look better than that. Oh u say on tech & science on a waste of time doin. Oh u say do better…$#%&!@* that…be a native warrior & if that can go in nature I may think different on $#%&!@*s of this.

  6. He has a point. They aren’t robots. If anything they’re closer to cyborgs. But forget about having a friendly discussion, you can go ahead and insult me too.

  7. If the only it was like the “Mad Dog” mech from “Mechwarrior” and that we can pilot it while riding inside it and it was practically efficient in your wallet and not cost an arm and a leg

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