Marriage to Robots Ok in the Future?

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When the day arrives that robots look and act just like us, will marriage between humans and robots become acceptable? Is this the cure for those looking for love and companionship? Will less people feel alone and sad on Valentine’s Day??? Lawyers and scientists are already discussing the ethics and legality of human-robot marriages. What do you think?

In November 2009, a Japanese man stood before a congregation to marry the woman he loved, Nene Anegasaki. He became the first man to marry a computer game character. (Nene is one of three “virtual girlfriends” in the Nintendo DS game Love Plus.) The marriage might not be recognized by the state, but to the groom the relationship is very real.MarriageToRobot3

British researcher David Levy believes that by 2050, robots and humans will be able to marry legally in the United States. He predicts that Massachusetts will lead the way as it did in 2004, when it became the first state to allow same-sex marriages between humans. Shy people who are uncomfortable meeting others could potentially benefit from marriage to a robot. So, too, could the mentally ill and people who “have unpleasant personalities”.

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  1. don’t be retarded people, Humanity will merge with technology. we’ll eventually become mechanized, that definitely does not mean we’ll be any less Human. only that we’ll have control over our evolution. for some thats a hard pill to swallow, which is to be expected of any societal transition. marriage itself seems to be a dwindling standard as well, with divorce rates FAR outweighing marriage licenses. will people have robotic lovers? probably, will they be better lovers than us? probably not, just different. it won’t be until robotics can pass through the uncanny valley before people start to accept such a thing.

  2. The ones who want to marry robots probably don’t want kids or don’t want to spread a virus or worse. Actually, a pretty smart idea. Would you rather a person who has aids or hiv spreading it? Is them marrying a robot really stopping you from loving/marrying/appreciating whatever marriage/relationship you and your other have. I’m afraid not….

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