Only Robots Can Handle “Built Ford Tough” Testing

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Drivers bounce Ford vans and trucks over curbs and ditches thousands of times to see how durable they are. These tests are so rough; humans could not take the abuse. Ford employs a special team of robotic drivers to do the job. They drive the nasty concrete obstacles over and over, day and night, hundreds of thousands of miles without getting bored. It’s hard to keep control of the steering under these conditions, but the driving robots do it with accuracy and precision and without complaint.

FordTestRobot 2x1

These Driving bots are mechanical arms attached to the steering wheel. CNNMoney’s Peter Valdes-Dapena takes a turn driving and riding shotgun in some of the milder tests and described it as “uncomfortable and really, really irritating!” Watch his experience and see if you would want to do it!

Humans still do most of the test driving at Ford to test the quality of the ride and the driving experience. Just not the roughest durability testing. To read more you can go to CNN .


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