PrintAlive 3D Bioprinter – prints skin?

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Are you using your 3D printer to pump out plastic gadgets for your robotic projects? Engineering students Arianna McAllister and Lian Leng in Canada have created a 3D printer that produces skin grafts for burn victims. And other researchers are studying ways to create human organs. Pretty impressive!

With serious burn victims, doctors typically must remove part of the patient's healthy skin and graft it onto the burned area. With PrintAlive, this painful step is not necessary. The machine prints large, continuous layers of tissue that recreate natural skin. The printed product includes hair follicles, sweat glands and other human skin complexities, providing an on-demand skin graft for burn victims.

No larger than an average microwave, it's also portable and can print skin grafts on the go, potentially revolutionizing burn care in rural and developing areas around the world. Arianna and Lian recently won $3,500 in the 2014 Canadian James Dyson Awards, putting them in the running for the $60,000 international prize. See more details at gizmag.



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