ReBiS Snake Robot Can “Walk” on its Head and Tail

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Researchers and students are getting very creative in their quest to find ways to move robots over tough and rugged terrain. Many are using animals to model this behavior. It's easy to look at an animal like a snake and be utterly blown away by all of the things that it can do.


ReBis ((Reconfigurable Bipedal Snake Robot) was on display at last month’s IROS conference in Chicago. Researchers from India demonstrated the snake’s ability to “stand up” and walk around on its head and tail in addition to moving in a traditional wave motion. Inobotics explains the technical advantages of ReBiS:

“Robots capable of switching between snake-like and bipedal motion have advantages of greater maneuverability. Reconfiguration without rearrangement has advantages of lighter weight, lower power consumption and higher efficiency, by eliminating the requirement of actuators and mechanisms needed for rearrangement.”

Take a minute to watch this snake in action, then go to Inobotics for more information.





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