Recycle Bots– Do You Care if They Take the Dangerous Jobs?

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There are a lot of jobs that we want Robots to take away from us. Picking through trash and sorting it for recycling is one of them! ZenRobotics has created Recycling Robots that think for themselves. These large Robotic Claws may not be as cute as Wall-E, but through the use of visible spectrum cameras, NIR spectroscopic cameras, 3D laser scanners and metal sensors, the robots are able to sort construction and demolition (C&D) waste fast and efficiently.

ZenRobotics ANI SM

Worldwide, the construction and demolition sector is thought to contribute over one third of all waste. The U.S. alone contributes a staggering 325 million tons of C&D waste every year, and the UK produces another 120 million tons.


Watch this video to see the big claws throw the odd assortment of trash into piles of metal, wood and inert materials for recycling. Pretty cool! See more at Gizmodo and ZenRobotics.


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