Robot Can Make Balloon Animals!

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This is pretty clever, a robot system that can fold and twist balloon animals. Can you appreciate how dexterous and sensitive these arms need to be keep the balloon from popping? Better yet, the robot can pick up and work with a set of zip ties. Very tight!

The HDMS system, or Highly Dexterous Manipulation System, was designed for a variety of uses such as explosive ordinance disposal (EOD), manufacturing, healthcare, and others. RE2 Robotics decided the best way to make a robot as skilled as a human is to simply put a human in complete control of it. This robot is manipulated remotely like a puppet from a safe distance. It works really well!

BalloonRobot ANI SM

Watch the robot work with zip ties, make a balloon fish, and open a suspicious package:

You can read more at Gizmodo and RE2.



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