Robot Vacuum ‘Attacks’ Woman Napping on the Floor

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Warning! Don’t fall asleep on the floor while running your Roomba or other robotic vacuum! A 52 year old South Korean woman was taking a break from house work and left her trustworthy vacuum gadget cleaning away. Robotic vacuums are designed to avoid obstacles, but apparently got too close to where she was taking a nap. It sucked up her hair and wouldn't let go!

She awoke in pain with the vacuum securely locked onto her head. Unable to free herself, she called the fire department with a “desperate rescue plea”. Paramedics were able to separate her from the robot’s clutches and she escaped serious injury.VacuumHairAttack3

Robot vacuum cleaners have grown in popularity in the last few years. US firm iRobot’s circular Roomba has sold over 10 million units since 2002. The autonomous gadgets have sensors that enable them to steer clear of obstacles, avoid tumbling down stairs, and detect dust and other debris on the floor. They can also be programmed to return to a recharging dock when finished cleaning.

Source: CBS News


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