Robotic Space Probe Found After 11 Years on Mars

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The European Space Agency (ESA) space probe Beagle 2 tried to make a soft landing on the red soil of Mars on Christmas day 2003. No radio contact was ever made with the lander and scientists never knew what happened. Many possible things could have gone wrong; the parachute may have failed, the airbags may have burst, the lander may simply have broken up on impact.

Beagle2 Lost 2

Beagle 2 is about 1 meter in diameter and designed to unfold a robotic arm and solar panels “like a giant fob watch”. New images from the HiRise camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) show that the probe made it safely to the surface of the planet, but did not fully deploy. Without completely opening, the lander could not get power and the antennae could not transmit signals.

Beagle2 Ground

Why are they sure these tiny images are Beagle 2, its pilot chute and rear cover? Several images taken over a number of years, with different sun angles and light reflection, indicate the shape and surface texture of the objects. These characteristics and the sizes match perfectly with the missing probe.

This video explains more about Beagle 2:

To learn more you can go to the Verge.


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  1. Ker-Ma-Tosan

    The only way we will find something on Mars, is if we put it there. If every planet and species started at the same time after the Big Bang, eveything would have progressed and developed at the same rate, giving the same time frame of technology, if their was intelligent life they would be at the same progression as the human species advances. Judging by the surface pictures of Mars is nothing but iron ore in the soil, If we could mine the planet that would of benifit us.

  2. We have tools and equipment? No dude, they have tools and equipment and expertise. You do understand that even with our current technology it is still very difficult to find objects in open ocean. You’re talking about a still mostly unexplored, very dynamic feature, of our planet. Seriously dude?

  3. Yes gross I do believe we do , you do know our tech and the military tech are 20 years apart you will never know what advanced technology they have so yes our tech is behind but there is technology to find planes in the ocean you sound like one of those people who thinks the government tells you everything you don’t know squat what they have or what capabilities “dude”.

  4. Maybe they dont give a $#%&!@* about planes. They arent the savior for the real world…. ha they make money and pay for their own affairs. Not giving a $#%&!@* to gaf about idiots that suck at their job. The missing plane is messed forsure. I know a lot of $#%&!@* today sounds like it gives room to indulge in new idea to make it better. Like everyone can invent new $#%&!@*.

  5. Just curious but does anyone know how far the Mars Rover is from this site. Maybe they can send it over there to investigate and maybe even extend the panels the rest of the way so that it can do its job if the rover is close enough that is.

  6. Mars is smaller, has little atmosphere and has wide open land. Its not that hard to find something on the surface. Deep in the ocean after it sank like a rock? That’s another story

  7. Obby Vazquez join the military, you’ll find out real quick the tech sucks. I worked on an almost 60 year old plane that is 90% $#%&!@*og tech with a computer powered by Pentium 4 series processor. Now I am working on a “modern” aircraft that is “brand new” and my laptop from 2012 could demolish tech wise.

  8. Depends what branch of the military not all have advanced technology and I don’t need to join to know that I have family in the military that would disagree with you but I’m not trying to convince anyone just be open to the possibilities , just because you don’t see it does not mean it doesn’t exist , one example ” god , you believe he is real even thoe you have never seen him, so in conclusion Sean Lawrence your at the need to know basis you don’t have the clearens to know what advanced tech they do have or don’t nor do I but just because I haven’t seen it does not mean its not possible. but thanks For serving and risking your life for the rest of us much respect.

  9. Exactly Mike Gallagher there is evidence of 6 m$#%&!@* extinctions and my guess there has been more and probably had more advanced civilizations then ares now. O and by the way even if it all started at the same time does not mean all would develop at the same rate or even close to the same way. Life even might be developed with different chemical compounds then here we just don’t know so everything dude said was dumb and naive he should just stick to church and the bible then you don’t need smarts.

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