The Cutest Robots In the World

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If we're all going to be living with robots in the near future, wouldn't it be great if they were furry or cuddly or cute? Here are some that you will enjoy. Each has a variety of different purposes, but they all have one thing in common: Widespread appeal to the humans they may one day be working and “living” alongside.


Leonardo is a robot designed to interact with people — a social robot. Completed in 2002, Leonardo is two and a half feet tall and has a suite of sensors to communicate with people. A camera mounted in the robot’s right eye captures faces and recognizes them. Approximately sixty motors in the small space of the robot body make expressive movement of the robot possible. Leonardo can interact with people and learn new tasks. Such a cute little Gremlin!

Source: MIT Personal Robots




Wonder Workshop's Dash and Dot (formerly Bo and Yana) robots are quite warm and inviting in appearance to get toddlers interested in figuring out how they work. The goal is to introduce youngsters to computer programming.

Source: Wonder Workshop





NAO twins

French company Aldebaran Robotics developed the NAO robot for education and research. The human-like machines are being used in the RoboCup robotic soccer competition.

Source: Aldebaron





Sony’s famous robot dog, AIBO, is no replacement for man’s best friend, but he can play fetch and respond to being petted with the best of them. AIBO was designed for home use as ‘entertainment' robots. They are also used in universities for education and research into human-robot interaction.

Source: Wikipedia


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