Marines Testing GuardBot – a Rolling BB-8 Robot Ball

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Guardbot is an all-terrain robot ball that rolls along like BB-8 (from the new Star Wars). It was originally designed to scope out the surface of Mars, but is now being tested for surveillance and explosives detection. Watch it scoot along over land, water, sand and snow on the next page.

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28 Comments to Marines Testing GuardBot – a Rolling BB-8 Robot Ball

  1. Originally designed for “Mars”??
    Well that’s a bunch of baloney.
    Has anyone not checked into the lies that NASA tried to sell you?

    How about we put this technology to better use, say, cleaning the oil pollution in the ocean? Maybe the island of garbage floating around out there? No? Oh ok, let’s give it to the MILITARY. They can use it to murder more people then.
    Way to go humans.

  2. Wow so I work my $#%&!@* off get my neck broke. Go on disability. Get kicked off it and been struggling for last 3 years. Now I see why. All that money I payed in goes to building toys for the gov instead of putting roof over my kids head. $#%&!@* you and your robots and give me my $#%&!@*ing money you theifs

  3. World’s fastest amphibious spherical robot
    Invented by: Farshad Mirshekari
    Contact me by:
    The original design of the robot as a normal car, or the War machine. The robot due to characteristics such as strength, speed and invulnerability of its spherical, is designed more as a defensive weapon and the strength of lead that has to equipment, such as tanks.
    Also, the robot is equipped with a special mechanism to move diagonally (sinusoidal) high speed on land and sea. Like throwing a stone on the water!

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