Driving Around in a Robot – Google’s Self-Driving Car

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Self-driving cars seem a bit unbelievable for many people, yet they’re already on the roads in some states! Do you think they’re too dangerous? Someday that will make you laugh! The roads are far more dangerous with us humans driving. Here is the first thing that Matt Inman (The Oatmeal) learned from riding in a Google self-driving car:

Human beings are terrible drivers. We drink. We doze. We text. In the US, 30,000 people die from automobile accidents every year. Traffic crashes are the primary cause of death worldwide for people aged 15-24, and during a crash, 40% of drivers never even hit the brakes. We’re flawed organisms, barreling around at high speeds in vessels covered in glass, metal, distraction, and death. This is one of Google’s “moonshots” — to remove human error from a job which, for the past hundred years, has been entirely human.”


Matt also learned that Google cars are cute, timid, not yet done, not perfect, and not extremely exhilarating. But he really wants the technology to succeed, like . . . yesterday. Autonomous vehicles will transform our lives and especially the lives of elderly and disabled people. They will eliminate the need for parking lots, garages and gas stations, and resolve the fact that most of our cars’ lives are spent parked and unused.


I encourage you to read Matt's fun blog “The Oatmeal” to see why he loves autonomous car technology and you should too.


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