Small Robot Boat Will Patrol Harbors

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Sea drones would be excellent at patrolling harbors and protecting large yachts and other ships. It’s boring, time consuming, and dangerous work; perfect for an unmanned surface vessel (USV)!

Hydra is an inflatable drone with a rigid hull that looks like a large jet ski. It’s about 14 feet long and 5 feet wide and can carry over 500 pounds of sensors. Loaded with cameras, radar, and sonar the USV will be able to detect submarines and incoming vessels in nearby waters.

Hydra has completed its first sea trials in the United Arab Emirates this month and looks sharp!

Hydra Sea Drone2

With a 4-stroke Yamaha engine driving a waterjet, the small boat can travel at speeds up to 57 miles per hour and patrol for 21 hours at a time. Other potential uses include monitoring fisheries, protecting oil and gas rigs, and environmental monitoring.

Watch Hydra in a short test run:

Read more about Hydra at Popular Science and 5G International.



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